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Glowell Industry’s Strategic Partners
Glowell’s specialist understanding of the Chinese manufacturing market and cooperative agreement with MCC and other Chinese consortiums presents an exciting opportunity for the Australian construction community. This strategic cooperation grants Glowell support from many of China’s biggest engineering and manufacturing corporations.
China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC)
Founded in 1982, MCC is the largest metallurgical engineering contractor in China. Since its inception MCC has provided over 100 metallurgy plants, delivered large scale infrastructure projects both within China and internationally, and constructed and financed several mining operations. MCC has a business presence in over 90 countries and regions in the world, giving the MCC brand global prestige. MCC employs more than 53,000 engineering technicians and holds a total of 8,886 effective patents, enabling MCC to provide innovative design solutions.
ENFI provides specialised technical services in three key business areas, project integration, new energy industries and resource development. ENFI maintains a strong reputation in international nonferrous engineering circles due to its experienced and highly capable design teams.
Foxborough is an investment entity which actively pursues resource opportunities on a world wide scale.
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